MongoDB Cloud 云实践

记录 MongoDB Cloud 之 MongoDB Altars 实践

MongoDB Atlas

Move faster with a true multi-cloud database service for MongoDB built for agile teams who’d rather spend time building apps than managing databases.

Available on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

ll *.md | awk '{print "* ["$9"](/cloud/mongodb_cloud/"$9")"}' | sed 's/.md//'|sed 's/.md/.html/g'


The following tools are in the mtools collection:

  • mlogfilter

    slices log files by time, merges log files, filters slow queries, finds table scans, shortens log lines, filters by other attributes, convert to JSON

  • mloginfo

    returns info about log file, like start and end time, version, binary, special sections like restarts, connections, distinct view

  • mplotqueries

    visualize log files with different types of plots (requires matplotlib)

  • mlogvis

    creates a self-contained HTML file that shows an interactive visualization in a web browser (as an alternative to mplotqueries)

  • mlaunch

    a script to spin up local test environments quickly, including replica sets and sharded systems (requires pymongo)

  • mtransfer

    an experimental script to transfer WiredTiger databases between MongoDB instances by copying data files (requires pymongo and wiredtiger)